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Microsoft announces generative AI Security Copilot

CSO – “Microsoft’s new generative AI security system grafts GPT-4 into its security offerings for integrated analysis and responses. AI Security Copilot’s basic interface is similar to the chatbot functionality familiar to generative AI users. It can be used in the same way, to answer security questions in a natural manner, but the more impressive features stem from its tight integration with Microsoft’s existing security products, including Defender, Sentinel, Entra, Purview, Priva, and Intune. Copilot can interpret data from all of those security products and provide automated, in-depth explanations (including visualizations), as well as suggested remedies. Furthermore, the system will have an ability to take action against some kinds of threats – deleting email messages that contain malicious content identified by a previous analysis, for example. Microsoft said that it has plans to expand Security Copilot’s connectivity options beyond the company’s own products, but did not offer any further details in a livestream and official blog post detailing the product…”

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