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Microsoft Edge Chromium – a viable alternative to Chrome and Firefox

Android Authority – “Microsoft hasn’t had the best reputation when it comes to web browsers. For the past half-decade, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge have played second fiddle to Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox, often serving no other purpose than to install these rival browsers. In a bid to win back some share of the browser market, Microsoft is remaking Edge based on Chromium. Chromium is an open-source browser project, or web rendering engine if you prefer, started by Google that developers can build upon to create more fully-fledged browsers. Google Chrome, Opera, and Amazon Silk are just a few examples of browsers built on Chromium. With Microsoft also moving over to the popular open-source project, Firefox now stands out as the last major option not built around Google’s vision for the web. Microsoft Edge Chromium is still in beta, but I’ve been trial running it as my primary PC browser for a couple of weeks now. Microsoft’s Android version of Edge is also built on Chromium, and you can sync bookmarks and other information across both platforms. As a long-time Google Chrome user and frequent dabbler in Firefox, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my time with Chromium-ified Microsoft Edge. In fact, it’s quite likely that Edge will become my default browser upon final release…”

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