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Microsoft Word for Legal Professionals

Law Technology Today – Benefits of Word Processor Efficiency for Law Offices – Ultimate Tool for Creating Work Product: “As you know, legal services are typically document intensive and often, the service rendered is the document itself (estate planning documents, purchase contracts, leases, etc.). Even in practice areas where the document is not the final product (such as litigation), most of the work still involves creating documents. In view of this, efficient use of the tool we use to create documents (Microsoft Word) is extremely important. Client Service and Professionalism – The reality of our profession is that clients are often unable to judge the quality of our work simply because they lack the necessary training. Notwithstanding this fact, there is no question that consumers of legal services form opinions about their attorneys. These opinions typically have little to do with the quality of the work and a lot to do with things like responsiveness, communication and the speed with which the work is completed. Since efficient word processing significantly improves all three of these aspects, it can directly affect client relations. In addition, document appearance creates a distinct impression with the client. Sloppy document formatting, typos and other mistakes cause clients to doubt their attorney’s competence, even if the document is substantively sound…”

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