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New debunking site might be the winning tool in those frustrating Facebook fights

Mashable: “In a timely (and necessary) step towards broader news literacy, a new fact-checking site has launched to teach people how to better pinpoint misinformation. Called RumorGuard, it offers a one-stop shop for misinformation debunking and a glimpse into the fact-checking process, on top of a library of authoritative tools to help individuals spot, verify, and fight against rapidly spreading misinformation themselves. With the escalating problem of unverified information continuing to trend and spread ahead of this year’s midterm elections, every resource is essential — especially as Americans continue dropping the ball on media and news literacy tests. A 2019 study by the Pew Research Center found that only 26 percent of American adults could discern factual news statements from fake ones. A 2019 Stanford study had even bleaker news on the teen front, finding that two-thirds of high school participants couldn’t find the differences between news information and advertisements, and 96 percent couldn’t effectively determine a source’s credibility…”

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