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Model Laws Animal Abuser Registry Act

Animal Law Resource Center – Model Laws Animal Abuser Registry Act

Sec. 1. Purpose: “This Act recognizes that it is paramount to the safety and well-being of the community to deal seriously with crimes against animals and separate animal abusers from potential victims. The link between violence against animals and violence against human beings is well documented. Individuals who mistreat, abuse, or kill domestic animals or wildlife often extend that behavior to humans in the form of domestic violence, child abuse, and in certain cases, even murder. In addition to preventing crimes against humans, penalizing animal abusers and restricting their contact with animals also protects potential animal victims. Requiring abusers to register with their local law enforcement agency enhances this protection by warning members of the community, particularly pet owners and operators of animal adoption programs that a convicted animal abuser may be among them. It is intended to function in much the same way that sex-offender registries function in alerting concerned members of the public about the presence of convicted sex offenders. It will also put on notice potential employers who may be looking to hire an individual to work closely with animals in pet shops, shelters, or even animal laboratories…”

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