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Moving from Gmail to another service

Washington Post – Shira Ovide [free to read this week]: ” I moved my Gmail to a less creepy email. It was surprisingly easy. Moving 15 years of Gmail messages to a smaller email service let me glimpse true tech freedom…Corporate tech giants make some great products. But we also have little choice but to stay in a Big Tech marriage, whether we’re in love or not. I’ll explain how I moved my Gmail messages, why you might want to, and how my email swap was enabled by European bureaucrats who want to make it easier for you to get a Big Tech divorce. I’m not trying to persuade you to quit Gmail or Apple Photos. But you deserve real freedom to pick up your digital memories and move to something better. And there are too many barriers in your way. How I took the exit ramp from Gmail – Proton pitches itself as a more secure and private email service. It’s free to start using. Proton offers an “Easy Switch” feature with instructions to move your inbox messages from Google’s Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft’s Outlook…” [Proton Mail is an excellent alternative as a primary email server that includes VPN, password manager, additional storage and end to end email encryption / free and fee versions are available.]

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