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Mozilla Cybersecurity Delphi 1.0: Towards a user-centric policy framework

“From compromises of some of the world’s largest corporations, to critical vulnerabilities in widely used open source software, to exponential growth in the number of connected devices and users, the need to proactively design policies and practices to secure users and Internet infrastructure has never been greater. Yet, cybersecurity public policy conversations too often are siloed and grounded in a few old ideas that don’t encompass the totality of the threat landscape. As a result, the state of cybersecurity policy today does not have a compelling answer for global-scale vulnerabilities like Heartbleed or nation-state attacks on public and private sector actors. The concern for cybersecurity from all stakeholders has only been growing, but cybersecurity policy remains a broad and contested field lacking clarity on the best paths forward. To help cut through the rhetoric and identify consensus on areas of cybersecurity policy that should be prioritized for further attention and investment, Mozilla brought together more than thirty leading cybersecurity experts from a wide variety of backgrounds: academia, civil liberties, government and military, security, and technology..”

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