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Navigating through Wikipedia articles on desktop just got a lot easier

Page previews, deployed today, is one of the largest changes to desktop Wikipedia made in recent years. “If you’re on a computer, or have access to one, go to Wikipedia and check out your favorite article. At first, what you see there will be very familiar—the core reading experience on the site hasn’t changed much in the last four years. But take your cursor and hover over a link. See what pops up? That’s the newly deployed page previews feature, available today on the English Wikipedia, and deployed in stages to the hundreds of other language Wikipedias over the last year.* The feature allows you to get a quick grasp of what’s behind a link without committing to a click-through. This seemingly cosmetic change may seem far from revolutionary, but has been built through careful and vigorous A/B testing; scaling APIs to Wikipedia levels of traffic and a change to how we build our code (blog post to follow). Our testing shows that the feature makes it easier and more efficient for Wikipedia readers to interact with our content and get more context about a topic on Wikipedia…”

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