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Nearly a third of workers don’t want to ever return to the office

Fortune via Yahoo – “The vaccines are on their way. So far, they appear so effective that Dr. Anthony Fauci even thinks we may have packed stadiums return in the summer of 2021.  That also means more employers will begin to reopen their offices—and we’ll get to see to what degree WFH sticks around. To get an eye on the future of work, Future Forum by Slack conducted a three-month survey of over 9,000 knowledge workers or skilled office workers around the world—something they used to build their Remote Employee Experience Index. Future Forum by Slack gave Fortune Analytics exclusive access to that raw data. Here’s what we found…

  • The big picture – Workers are split on returning to the office. Around 3 in 10 workers would never or rarely want to return to the office, while 4 in 10 would like to go back to the old normal. We should expect a mixed approach from employers, tailoring new work policies based on how their staff works best. Simply put: The future of work won’t look like fully packed offices nor a wasteland of empty buildings…”

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