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Net Gains Status As Source for Campaign News

From the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press, January 11, 2004:
Cable and Internet Loom Large in Fragmented Political News Universe – Perceptions of Partisan Bias Seen as Growing, Especially by Democrats

  • From the Summary of Findings: “The 2004 presidential campaign is continuing the long-term shift in how the public gets its election news. Television news remains dominant, but there has been further erosion in the audience for broadcast TV news. The Internet, a relatively minor source for campaign news in 2000, is now on par with such traditional outlets as public television broadcasts, Sunday morning news programs and the weekly news magazines. And young people, by far the hardest to reach segment of the political news audience, are abandoning mainstream sources of election news and increasingly citing alternative outlets, including comedy shows such as the Daily Show and Saturday Night Live, as their source for election news.”
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