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New and Updated Resources Look at the Uninsured and the Affordable Care Act

“The Kaiser Family Foundation has updated two resources on health coverage and the uninsured and created a new interactive feature that highlights several segments of the uninsured population and how they are likely to be affected by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Uninsured: A Primer – Key Facts about Health Insurance on the Eve of Coverage Expansions – This comprehensive, updated primer provides a profile of the more than 47 million Americans who were uninsured in 2012, explains why they lack coverage, reviews the consequences of not having insurance and summarizes how the uninsured may be affected by the coverage expansions in the ACA. A related fact sheet, Key Facts about the Uninsured Population, covers many of the same topics in shorter form. The Uninsured: An Interactive Tool – This new interactive tool highlights 10 groups of people who are uninsured and explains who they are, why they are uninsured and the paths to coverage that could open to them under the ACA. Among the groups examined are people with pre-existing conditions, the unemployed, the self-employed, part-time workers, adults working for a small business, the near-elderly, young adults, adults living in a rural area, adults living with a disability and adults living with a mental illness. Other groups will be added to the tool over time. For these and other resources about the uninsured and the Affordable Care Act, visit the Foundation’s website.”

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