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New book, Cellular Convergence and the Death of Privacy

NetworkWorld: “Engineering professor calls smartphone software ‘appalling invasion of privacy

  • “A controversy over smartphone privacy has reignited this week following a coder’s recent post detailing how a hidden software application on Android-based HTC phones can collect a range of information about the user’s activities. The client program is from a venture-funded company called Carrier IQ out of Mountain View, Calif. It created software, dubbed by one security researcher as a classic rootkit, to collect a variety of “operational” data about the phone’s usage, ostensibly to let carriers identify radio, performance and usage problems and correct them…AT&T, Sprint, HTC and Samsung have confirmed their use of the software, while Verizon, Nokia and RIM have said they do not use it.”
  • Phone ‘Rootkit’ Maker Carrier IQ May Have Violated Wiretap Law In Millions Of Cases
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