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New DNI Directives on Intel Reciprocity and Handling

Intelligence Community Directive Number 704, Personnel Security Standards and Procedures Governing Eligibility for Access to Sensitive Compartmented Information and Other Controlled Access Program Information (Effective 01 October 2008): “This Intelligence Community Directive (lCD) establishes Director of National Intelligence (DNI) personnel security policy governing eligibility for access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) and information protected within other controlled access programs. This directive also documents the responsibility of the DNI for overseeing the program producing these eligibility determinations. It directs application of uniform personnel security standards and procedures to facilitate effective initial vetting, continuing personnel security evaluation, and reciprocity throughout the Intelligence Community (IC).”

  • See also: Intelligence Community Policy Guidance Number 704.4 (Effective: 02 October 2008): “Heads of IC Elements shall accept Single Scope Background Investigations, Single Scope
    Background Investigations – Periodic Reinvestigations, and Phased Periodic Reinvestigations less than seven years old (“in scope”) as the basis for initial or continuing access to SCI and other controlled access programs. Agencies may accept investigations that are more than seven years old on a case-by-case basis.

  • Intelligence Community Policy Guidance Number 704.5 (Effective: 02 October 2008): “This Intelligence Community Policy Guidance (ICPG) mandates the recognition and use of the Scattered Castles (SC) database, or successor database, as the IC’s authoritative personnel security repository for verifying personnel security access approvals regarding SCI and other controlled access
    programs, visit certifications, and documented exceptions to personnel security standards.”
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