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New Foreign Legal Gazette Collection Database

In Custodia Legis: “The Law Library of Congress has developed a guide to our collection of foreign legal gazettes. Gazettes are generally the first place that a ruling body will publish its laws, making them an invaluable resource for foreign legal research. The Law Library has been collecting foreign legal gazettes since the mid-19th century. We are one of the last libraries to systematically acquire these titles from as many jurisdictions as possible. Presently, we collect from about 175 national jurisdictions and approximately 100 subnational jurisdictions. Over the years, the Law Library has preserved these resources by various methods: binding, microfilming and, now, digitization; we also collect and maintain items in commercially-produced formats such as microfiche and CD-Rom. With myriad title and regime changes, subtitles, supplements and the like, we currently register in the neighborhood of 2,000 separate bibliographic records for gazette titles. Thus it has been a difficult task for even an experienced searcher to find the correct record in the catalog. We hope this database will change that by grouping records by jurisdiction and then chronologically thereafter, with another section within that country’s listing for any subnational areas we may collect. Our gazette guide can be accessed from our website or directly by clicking here. A mobile version is also available on our website or directly through this link. This interactive site provides the user with data on current, historical and subnational titles that the Library holds in its collection. Users can then click through to the record in the Library’s online catalog for even more detailed information and to request the material for use when they visit the Library or click through to those titles freely available online. The information is searchable by jurisdiction (either via the facets on the left, or by clicking on the map), title, content and format. The mobile version has added functionality through sorting capabilities in the columns of the table…”

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