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New GAO Reports – Bureau of Prisons, Defense Infrastructure, Medicare Imaging Accreditation, VA Health Care

  • Bureau of Prisons, Improvements Needed in Bureau of Prisons’ Monitoring and Evaluation of Impact of Segregated Housing, GAO-13-429, May 1, 2013
  • Defense Infrastructure, DOD Should Improve Reporting and Communication on Its Corrosion Prevention and Control Activities, GAO-13-270, May 31, 2013
  • Medicare Imaging Accreditation, Establishing Minimum National Standards and an Oversight Framework Would Help Ensure Quality and Safety of Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Services, GAO-13-246, May 31, 2013
  • VA Health Care, Management and Oversight of Fee Basis Care Need Improvement, GAO-13-441, May 31, 2013

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