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New GAO Reports – Defense Acquisition Workforce, Electronic Drug Labeling, Internet Pharmacies, Investment Advisers, TARP

Defense Acquisition Workforce – The Air Force Needs to Evaluate Changes in Funding for Civilians Engaged in Space Acquisition, GAO-13-638, Jul 8, 2013

Electronic Drug Labeling – No Consensus on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Its Exclusive Use, GAO-13-592, Jul 8, 2013

Internet Pharmacies – Federal Agencies and States Face Challenges Combating Rogue Sites, Particularly Those Abroad, GAO-13-560, Jul 8, 2013

Investment Advisers Requirements and Costs Associated with the Custody Rule, GAO-13-569, Jul 8, 2013

President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief – Millions Being Treated, but Better Information Management Needed to Further Improve and Expand Treatment, GAO-13-688, Jul 8, 2013

Troubled Asset Relief Program – Treasury’s Use of Auctions to Exit the Capital Purchase Program, GAO-13-630, Jul 8, 2013

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