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New GAO Reports – National Preparedness, Security Force Assistance

  • National Preparedness – Efforts to Address the Medical Needs of Children in a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, or Nuclear Incident, GAO-13-438, Apr 30, 2013: “HHS faces a variety of economic, regulatory, scientific, and ethical challenges in developing and acquiring pediatric CBRN medical countermeasures. High costs and the high risk of failure associated with testing and research of pharmaceutical products on children, difficulties in meeting regulatory requirements for approving CBRN countermeasures, and scientific and ethical obstacles to safely evaluating countermeasures for children all pose challenges to developing pediatric countermeasures.”
  • Security Force Assistance – More Detailed Planning and Improved Access to Information Needed to Guide Efforts of Advisor Teams in Afghanistan, GAO-13-381, Apr 30, 2013: “Officials from several teams stated that the guidance they received lacked specificity regarding desired end states for the development of their ANSF counterpart units. Without a more structured approach with clear linkages between end states, objectives, and milestones that are in support of broad goals for ANSF units, theater commanders cannot be assured that the advisor team activities are making progress toward these goals.”

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