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New GAO Reports: State and Local Governments' Fiscal Outlook, Toxic Substances

  • State and Local Governments’ Fiscal Outlook – April 2013 Update, GAO-13-546SP, Apr 29, 2013: “The state and local government sector continues to face near-term and long-term fiscal challenges which add to the nation’s overall fiscal challenges. The state and local sector faces a gap between revenue and spending and long-term fiscal challenges that grow over time. The fiscal position of the sector will steadily decline through 2060 absent any policy changes.”
  • Toxic Substances – EPA Has Increased Efforts to Assess and Control Chemicals but Could Strengthen Its Approach, GAO-13-249, Mar 22, 2013: “It is unclear whether EPA’s new approach to managing chemicals within its existing TSCA authorities will position the agency to achieve its goal of ensuring the safety of chemicals. EPA officials said that the agency’s new approach, summarized in its 2012 Existing Chemicals Program Strategy, is intended to guide EPA’s efforts to assess and control chemicals in the coming years. However, EPA’s strategy, which largely focuses on describing activities EPA has already begun, does not include leading federal strategic planning practices that could help guide its effort.”

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