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New LibGuide – Prices and Wages by Decade

Via Maria Concannon, Govt Documents Coordinator, University of Missouri Libraries: “I’m writing to bring your attention to our LibGuide Prices and Wages by Decade…This guide points to government publications listing retail prices for common items or “necessities of life.” Prices for foods, articles of clothing, household items, appliances, hardware, fuel and other physical goods fall within the domain of this guide. We included prices for other types of common expenditures as well: transportation, cars, homes, rent, utilities, and school tuition for example. Here you will also find typical wages, salaries, hours and earnings for workers dating back to the 1700s. Again, we point to official government publications almost exclusively. Thanks to Mizzou student assistants David Steinmeyer, Amanda Krewson, Kamilah Jones, Scott Peterson, Carrie Carter, and Guinevere Lawson, as well as to Pamela Campbell of the St. Louis Federal Reserve Library who provided assistance in the enhancement of this web resource.”

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