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New on LLRX – How To Conduct Free Legal Research Using Google Scholar In 2015 (Part 2)

Via LLRXHow To Conduct Free Legal Research Using Google Scholar In 2015 (Part 2) – by . “Legal research is something lawyers do nearly every day. That’s why convenient, affordable access to legal research materials is so important. The advent of computer-based legal research was the first step toward leveling the playing field and providing solos and small firms with access to the incredible depth of materials once only available in academic or government law libraries or in the law libraries of large law firms. But it was web-based legal research that truly gave solos and small firms the tools they needed to compete-and at a price they could afford. Google Scholar is a prime example of this-it provides free access to a wide range of legal materials, all of which are accessible and searchable via a user-friendly interface. The trick is to set aside time to learn the ins and outs of conducting legal research on Google Scholar. To make this process even easier for you, I’m writing this 2-part blog post series. Last week, in Part 1, I explained the basics of using Google Scholar for legal research. In today’s post I’ll delve into the more advanced search features and will also cover ways to sort and organize your research.”

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