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New Online Dashboard to Track Global Steel and Aluminum Scrap Metal Trade

“The International Trade Administration has unveiled a new supply chain monitor, known as the Global Scrap Monitor, for tracking steel and aluminum scrap trade flows around the world. This online dashboard provides data on global aluminum and steel scrap trade flows from the top importing/exporting markets, allowing domestic industry stakeholders and consumers to better understand patterns in their supply chain. Ryan Majerus, who is currently performing the non-exclusive duties of the Assistant Secretary for Enforcement & Compliance at the ITA, said the new tool “is another vital resource for U.S. industry that builds on ITA’s efforts to enhance supply chain resiliency and strengthen economic competitiveness by getting ahead of disruptions.” As the U.S. and others promote decarbonization efforts and trade in recycled and scrap metal continues to grow, the Global Scrap Monitor “will be important for producers, consumers, and governments to have reliable information about the global scrap trade patterns and trends in this rapidly changing industry.”

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