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New Polling on SCOTUS and Roe

Politico: “In the wake of the news about the draft opinion overturning Roe, a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll reveals that a clear majority of voters want the court to support abortion rights. Highlights from the poll, conducted Tuesday entirely after the news broke:

  • Fifty-seven percent of voters want SCOTUS to support abortion rights, 28% hope it opposes them, and 15% don’t know or have no opinion. Net support: +29
  • Fifty-six percent of voters believe abortion should be legal in “most” or “all cases.” Twenty-five percent of voters said they think abortion should be legal in all cases, 31% said legal in most cases, 24% said illegal in most cases, 11% said illegal in all cases, and 9% either don’t know or had no opinion. Net support: +21
  • Voters also say they’re ready to back major reforms of the judiciary: Term limits for justices: Sixty-six percent strongly or somewhat approve; 21% strongly or somewhat disapprove. Net approval: +45
  • Placing an age cap on justices: Sixty-four percent approve; 22% disapprove. Net approval: +42
  • Binding justices to a code of ethics: Seventy-three percent approve; 11% disapprove. Net approval: +62
  • Balancing the court with equal numbers of Democrats, Republicans and independents: Fifty-seven percent approve; 28% disapprove. Net approval: +29
  • Expanding the number of justices on the court: Fifty-five percent approve; 36% disapprove. Net approval: +19…”

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