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New Report Shows More Companies Filing Supplemental Disclosure to Demonstrate Pay for Performance

News release: “With scrutiny of executive compensation at an all-time high as a result of the implementation of say-on-pay rules, more companies are using alternate definitions of “pay” to demonstrate their pay-for-performance alignment and to counter negative say-on-pay vote recommendations by proxy advisory firms, according to the latest Director Notes report from The Conference Board. The report, Defining Pay in Pay for Performance, shows an emerging trend in the Russell 3000 Index, where some companies have been supplementing the summary compensation table (SCT) pay used to quantify named executive officer compensation with additional proxy filings detailing other pay measures, such as “realized” or “realizable” pay. Realized pay, in its purest form, is generally W-2 taxable pay, and includes salaries, bonuses, as well as restricted stock which vested, and stock options which were exercised during the period in question (no matter when awarded). Realizable pay is generally the same as realized pay but only includes equity awards made during the period in question (whether or not they are vested or exercised) and valued based on the price of the company’s stock at the end of the period.”

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