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New Survey on Civic Engagement Among Young Men and Women

New national study from Tufts University’s Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service: Civic Engagement Among Young Men and Women. “The new fact sheet shows how young men and women perform on the 19 measures of civic engagement. Utilizing data from the 2006 Civic and Political Health of the Nation Survey, and several other sources, we provide new information on the civic engagement of youth, confidence in government, and following public affairs and the news, by gender. Generally we find that young men are among the most engaged in a wide range of political activities despite lower voter turnout rates, and young women are among the most engaged in civic activities such as volunteering, and also the most likely to vote.”

  • Press release on the Fact Sheet: “Facebook was a popular channel for advocacy activity. On average, both college and noncollege students belonged to almost four Facebook advocacy groups. According to the Tufts study, Facebook tends to be used more for advocacy of Democratic political candidates and liberal or Democratic causes than for Republican candidates or conservative or Republican causes. While about one in four young people read blogs on political issues, many fewer said they read candidates’ blogs.”
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