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New Video on NSL Privacy Violations and the Constitution

Via EFF – “How National Security Letters Violate Our Privacy: The 26-minute video, also available on DVD, explores the repercussions of the FBI’s power to demand hundreds of thousands of Americans’ private records without any oversight by a court or Congress. Two former Department of Justice (DOJ) officials, Lisa Graves [bio] and Bruce Fein [bio], share their views on how the expanded, unchecked power threatens Americans’ privacy and diverts resources from genuine threats. George Christian of Library Connection gives his unique perspective as an NSL recipient who challenged the letter he received and the accompanying, permanent gag order. Christian and three of his colleagues are the only people, out of thousands of NSL recipients, who can legally talk about that experience. The video opens a window onto one of several controversial post-9/11 expansions of executive branch powers. BORDC hopes local showings of the video will open a dialogue nationwide about whether the power needs to be curbed to protect U.S. residents’ constitutional rights.”

  • Via YouTube: FBI Unbound (Part 1/2)
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