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News and Resources on the New Version of Old Virus

Day Three of the W32/SoBig.F virus, which is hitting home users hardest. Counterpane Internet Security has identified 1,500 malicious file attachments associated with the virus, and counting. For more information, see the following links:

  • McAfee Security Virus Profile
  • Symantec Security Response, [email protected]
  • The virus is apparently set to self destruct after two weeks, making that September 10.
  • reports that the virus accounts for 70% of all e-mail traffic today.
  • This New York Law Journal article describes how law firms in NYC and around the country are addressing the challenges of the virus.
  • Press release: FTC Chairman Calls Spam “One of the Most Daunting Consumer Protection Problems FTC Has Ever Faced.” Text of remarks, Timothy J. Muris, Chairman, Federal Trade Commission. He stated, “As you are no doubt aware, there are several legislative proposals to address spam. Parts of these proposals can help, but no one should expect any new law to make a substantial difference by itself.”
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