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NIST Releases Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework

Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity – Executive Order 13636 – Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework – November 1, 2013 [snipped]

“The Framework Core is a set of cybersecurity activities and references that are common across critical infrastructure sectors organized around particular outcomes. The Core presents standards and best practices in a manner that allows for communication of cybersecurity risk across the organization from the senior executive level to the implementation/operations level. The Framework Core consists of five Functions—Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover—which can provide a high-level, strategic view of an organization’s management of cybersecurity risk. The Framework Core then identifies underlying key Categories and Subcategories for each of these Functions, and matches them with example Informative References such as existing standards, guidelines, and practices for each Subcategory. This structure ties the high level strategic view, outcomes and standards based actions together for a cross-organization view of cybersecurity activities. For instance, for the “Protect” Function, categories include: Data Security; Access Control; Awareness and Training; and Protective Technology. ISO/IEC 27001 Control A.10.8.3 is an informative reference which supports the “Data during transportation/transmission is protected to achieve confidentiality, integrity, and availability goals” Subcategory of the “Data Security” Category in the “Protect” Function.”

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