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NOAA – State of the Climate 2017

  • “Each year from January to June, hundreds of scientists from around the world crunch the numbers on the previous year’s climate, reviewing and cataloging everything from sea level, to the number and strength of hurricanes in every part of the ocean, to the size of the Arctic sea ice pack. Led by scientists from NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information and published by the Bulletin of the American Meteorology Society, this year’s report offers insight on global climate indicators, extreme weather events, and other valuable information on the state of the climate.” Press Release Full Report
  • Interactive map of extreme events & anomalies – “As part of the annual State of the Climate reports, editors and contributors pull together a map of the year’s noteworthy extreme events and climate anomalies. This interactive version of the 2017 map provides additional details about the events as well as maps and other data visualizations to put the year’s extremes into context. Color-coding of the dots on the map indicates which events were consistent with seasonal patterns that often occur during La Niña, which developed in late 2017 (hint: they almost all had to do with seasonal hurricane activity).”   Read more

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