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NYT – How to Cover 2020: Assume Nothing and Beware of Twitter

The New York Times – “Journalists have no idea how the 2020 election will play out. And that’s a good thing. Some of the country’s top political journalists came together last week for a gathering convened by the strategist David Axelrod, to talk about how to cover the presidential race in a way that won’t leave anybody dumbfounded on election night. The ideas that cropped up again and again on the panels were so basic to the practice of reporting that they are all too often ignored. Travel the country. Talk to people. Assume nothing. Such fundamentals may not seem fashionable in a media industrial complex that rewards logorrheic punditry and feigned certitude. But the inability of the media class to imagine the success of Donald J. Trump — and its under appreciation of the grievances that drove his supporters — has left reporters, pundits and producers wondering how they can be more prepared this time around. The pressure is on for journalists to be smarter in 2020. Even as online and TV business models encourage scooplets and mini-scandals. Even as the sitting president works to erode trust in the press. No one said it would be easy…”

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