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OECD Round Table on Sustainable Development Draft Report on Biofuels

“The OECD Round Table on Sustainable Development has just released a thorough 57-page study on the costs, efficiency and environmental impact of biofuels.” See Biofuels: is the cure worse than the disease? (57 pages, PDF): “136. There is little doubt that current patterns of fossil fuel-based energy use are unsustainable and that a change in direction is needed. There is, however, no obvious technological fix available that will supply the world with a source of automotive fuel that is cheap, clean, flexible and easily scalable. Hydrogen has been discussed, but many problems are yet to be overcome. In such a situation, when technological change is unpredictable, a prudent policy would be to keep as many options open as possible while at the same time letting prices adequately reflect environmental and natural-resource scarcities.” [via Seeker Blog]

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