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OMB Watch: The President's FY 2013 Public Protections Funding Requests

OMB Watch: Safeguarding the Public’s Health and Safety: The President’s FY 2013 Public Protections Funding Requests, February 17, 2012

  • “When public agencies are effective and responsive, the protections they afford to the American people are largely invisible. Americans have largely forgotten the “bad old days” before there were meat inspectors, toy inspectors, workplace safety standards, clean air and water standards, and laws against the release of toxic chemical waste. We now expect and count on government to protect us against all kinds of preventable risks produced through industrialization, urbanization, and an economy more open to foreign exports and global supply chains. In fact, we only notice the system of public protections we have in place when something breaks down – when a dirty poultry factory unleashes a Salmonella outbreak or unwashed cantaloupes send Listeria into grocery stores around the country. In this analysis, we examine the “public protections budget” – a diverse set of federal programs in agencies whose mission is to protect the health and welfare of the American public. Specifically, the programs discussed in the analysis exist to protect the physical safety of the American people from unsafe products and production processes that could put them at risk of injury or disease. The federal government provides these programs with the resources they require to effectively fulfill their objectives.”
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