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One Newsletter I Always Make Time to Read

There are a lot of great newsletters out there. These are the ones your favorite newsletter writers never miss. By Claire Zulkey and Dan Oshinsky: “We subscribe to a lot of newsletters. When you work in the newsletter space, you subscribe to just about anything that seems interesting — sometimes because you want to read it, and sometimes just to see if they’re trying anything that might be worth trying on your newsletter. But it’s rare to find a newsletter we actually want to read every single time it shows up in the inbox. Dan, for instance, filters almost all of his newsletters into a series of folders. He only lets a handful of newsletters go straight to the primary tab of his inbox. On the days she’s behind in her newsletter inbox reading, Claire often deletes mercilessly in bulk rather than let issues pile up. The way filmmakers don’t have time to watch a lot of movies and authors don’t always have time to read, newsletter creators have a limited time per day to read other newsletters. However, most have their longtime (or even of-the-moment) favorites. Over the past year, we asked newsletter writers, editors, and operators what they often make time to read and why. We’ll start with our favorites — then we’ll share what others always make time for. (We asked everyone for one newsletter, but some chose to share three or four. More than a handful of writers told us that picking just one felt like picking among their children. We get it — so we’re including all of their picks below!)”

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