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Open Bitcoin Privacy Project assesses wallet privacy in new report

“The Open Bitcoin Privacy Project (OBPP) – an open-source, international organization whose goal is to improve financial privacy within the Bitcoin ecosystem – has released its Spring 2015 Wallet Privacy Rating Report. In the report, the OBPP rates the 10 most popular Bitcoin wallets by measuring the wallets’ effectiveness at protecting users’ privacy. Each wallet was subjected to 38 privacy tests grouped into five categories and 14 sub-categories with variable weights representing the relative importance of each measure. The result of each test was then converted to a raw numeric score between 0 and 100. The criteria used to assess the wallets are “receiving address generation and backup” (20.56 percent), “change address generation and backup” (20.56 percent), “privacy from blockchain observers” (22.78 percent), “privacy from network observers” (25 percent), and “receiver privacy” (11.11 percent).”

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