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Open Data Inception – 1600+ Open Data Portals Around the World

“You can find the list geotagged on a map at When building  the best Open Data portals, the same question always comes up. Where can I find clean and usable data? Our answer is usually: “Did you search on existing Open Data portals?” But the truth is, some Open Data portals can be hard to come by. We decided to put together a resource that would be truly useful for all the data geeks out there (and we know we are plenty). We called this project: Open Data Inception. We rolled up our sleeves and started aggregating all of the Open Data portals we could get our hands on. We are thrilled to present you the first version of our comprehensive list of 1600+ Open Data portals around the world. To facilitate your search, we decided to geotag intergovernmental organization portals on their parent organization headquarters. The table of contents will give you a summary of all countries represented on this list. Simply click on a country’s name and the page will bring you to the correct section. If you are curious about how we created this list, we wrote an article about it. We hope that you will find solace in your data quest with this list. Don’t hesitate to send us feedback through the form at the bottom of the page or at @opendatas

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