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OpenAI previews synthetic voice creator, Voice Engine

Mashable: “OpenAI launched voice capabilities in ChatGPT last September. Now, the company is previewing a model called Voice Engine, which can use a single 15-second audio clip and text prompt to generate longer audio. OpenAI boasts that Voice Engine produces life-like voices with inflection and tone, rather than a robotic drone. According to OpenAI’s blog post, Voice Engine was first developed in 2022 to power ChatGPT’s Read Aloud feature as well as text-to-speech. Since then, OpenAI has tested Voice Engine in a number of different scenarios: for children and non-readers; for non-verbal people and people who have otherwise lost their voice; and translation. For each of these cases, OpenAI has partnered with companies in these respective spaces…”

See also OpenAI’s new tool can create realistic voices. OpenAI is testing our patience with another tease. We are moving beyond text, images, and even videos to talk about audio. OpenAI is previewing a model that creates custom voices in a snap. It’s just a preview and we won’t get to use it anytime soon.

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