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OpenAI’s Text Generator Is Going Commercial

Wired – “Last spring, artificial intelligence research institute OpenAI said it had made software so good at generating text—including fake news articles—that it was too dangerous to release. That line in the sand was soon erased when two recent master’s grads recreated the software and OpenAI released the original, saying awareness of the risks had grown and it hadn’t seen evidence of misuse. Now the lab is back with a more powerful text generator and a new pitch: Pay us to put it to work in your business. Thursday [June 11, 2020], OpenAI launched a cloud service that a handful of companies are already using to improve search or provide feedback on answers to math problems. It’s a test of a new way of programming AI and the lab’s unusual business model….OpenAI has focused on pushing the technique to greater scale and making software that generates text. Given a snatch of writing, it builds on it, unspooling sentences with similar statistical properties. The results can be uncannily smooth, if sometimes unmoored from reality…”

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