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OpenTexts World – Opening up a world of digitized texts

OpenTexts.World is an experimental service that provides free access to digitised text collections from around the world. provides free access to millions of digitised texts from libraries around the world. Currently in beta. Think of it as a search engine for books. Every year, libraries worldwide digitise hundreds of thousands of books. Open Texts brings (some of!) those collections together, allowing you to search across a multitude of different libraries worldwide.
What’s on our shelves  – search by title, author, date or subject:

  • 8 million items – If you put them all on one very long bookshelf, they’d keep going for over 100 miles!
  • 85 languages – From Middle German to Tagalog, if someone’s written it down, it’s probably here.
  • 15th century onward – We have records from as early as 1455 through to many more modern books…”

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