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Paper – PageRank: Standing on the shoulders of giants

PageRank: Standing on the shoulders of giants – Massimo Franceschet (Submitted on 15 Feb 2010 (v1), last revised 14 Aug 2010 (this version, v3))

“PageRank is a Web page ranking technique that has been a fundamental ingredient in the development and success of the Google search engine. The method is still one of the many signals that Google uses to determine which pages are most important. The main idea behind PageRank is to determine the importance of a Web page in terms of the importance assigned to the pages hyperlinking to it. In fact, this thesis is not new, and has been previously successfully exploited in different contexts. We review the PageRank method and link it to some renowned previous techniques that we have found in the fields of Web information retrieval, bibliometrics, sociometry, and econometrics.”

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