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Partnership for a Healthier America Releases First Report on Private Sector Progress in Childhood Obesity Efforts

“The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), which works with Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama and the private sector to end childhood obesity in a generation, today released its first report on the progress of private sector commitments to address the epidemic. The report comes as PHA kicks off its second Building a Healthier Future Summit in Washington D.C., where leaders from across the public and private sectors are coming together to identify solutions to the childhood obesity crisis in the United States. PHA requires its partners do more than just issue a press release—instead partners must agree to measureable outcomes that are verified by third parties and reported publicly by PHA. The 2012 Annual Progress Report is a glimpse at where each partner stands. While the vast majority of PHA’s partners are just beginning a multi-year journey, others are in full swing—and a few have completed their commitments.”

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