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Patent Law: An Open-Source Casebook (Entire Book)

Janis, Mark David and Sichelman, Ted M. and Allison, John R. and Cotter, Thomas F. and Cotropia, Christopher Anthony and Karshtedt, Dmitry and Lefstin, Jeffrey A. and Rantanen, Jason and Taylor, David O. and Tu, Shine (Sean), Patent Law: An Open-Source Casebook (Entire Book) (May 6, 2021). UC Hastings Research Paper, Forthcoming, Available at SSRN:

“Less than a handful of casebooks are truly open source, in the sense of being fully modifiable. Patent Law: An Open-Source Casebook is the first patent law casebook that provides adopting professors, students, and others the ability to fully modify its contents. This file comprises the casebook in its entirety, including the cover, table of contents, preface, and chapters covering historical and economic perspectives on patent law, an overview of the modern patent system, the patent document and its claims, subject matter eligibility, utility, disclosure, anticipation, obviousness, infringement, defenses, and remedies.”

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