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Peekier – privacy-oriented search engine

Peekier (pronounced /’pi·ki·er/) is a new way to search the web. Peek through search results fast and securely on a search engine that respects your privacy. Faster information discovery – Peekier shows you a website preview of the search results. Clicking on a result will maximize the preview and allow you to scroll through the website. You can then decide if the information displayed on the website interests you or not before clicking on the link. Here is what a normal search engine looks like on a widescreen monitor: 2/3rds of the screen real estate remain unused. Peekier utilizes 100% of your monitor, giving you all the information you need to know before you visit a website. This is the way searching will be done in the future. The bloated website argument – The average website on the internet weighs in at around 2.5 MB and requires 100 HTTP requests to load. Peekier renders websites on an array of superfast servers and sends your browser a clean and efficient 40-80 KB PNG image. This is especially useful on a mobile connection, where the loading delay dictates that you only want to open a link that interests you. As websites are loaded on our servers and we only send the rendered image to your browser, we deal with malware and other threats while protecting your privacy and providing a safe and secure experience while you stay on our website. You can still choose to visit a website that interests you―the choice is yours. Strict privacy policy – We take your privacy very seriously. We’re pretty sure we’re the search engine with the most privacy oriented features in the world. Peekier does not log your personal info or track you throughout your browsing sessions. For more information on how we protect your privacy click here…”

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