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Pew Internet Survey Findings on How Musicians View Internet and P2P File Sharing

“A national survey of self-described artists and an online survey of 2,755 musicians find: Artists and musicians on all points of the spectrum from superstars to starving singers have embraced the internet as a tool to improve how they make, market, and sell their creative works…Artists and musicians believe that unauthorized peer-to-peer file-sharing of copyrighted works should be illegal. However, the vast majority do not see online file-sharing as a big threat to creative industries. Across the board, artists and musicians are more likely to say that the internet has made it possible for them to make more money from their art than they are to say it has made it harder to protect their work from piracy or unlawful use.”

  • Link to 61 page report (PDF), Artists, Musicians and the Internet, December 5, 2004.
  • Related references: Study: Musicians Dig the Net and Pew File-Sharing Survey Gives a Voice to Artists.
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