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Planned Removal of Gray Wolf From Endangered Species List

Earthjustice – Wolves in Danger: “The wolf’s amazing comeback in the northern Rockies is one of our country’s greatest wildlife success stories. But it may be dangerously short-lived now that the federal government has issued a rule that permits wolf killing in the northern Rockies. This heralds the beginning of a larger plan to remove the animals from the Endangered Species List and allow large-scale slaughters of more than 80% of the wolf population.”

  • Los Angeles Times: “State game agencies and private citizens would be allowed to kill federally protected gray wolves that threatened dogs or seriously decreased deer, elk or moose populations in parts of the northern Rocky Mountains, under a federal rule announced Thursday. The regulation comes a month ahead of the expected federal decision to take the gray wolf off the endangered species list, which would allow wolves to be hunted. That decision is likely to face protracted litigation. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services officials said Thursday that the revised provision would allow for states to deal with areas where wolf activity is affecting wildlife populations while delisting is tied up in court.”
  • Western Gray Wolf homepage, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: January 2008 – Final Rule Revising the Special Regulation for Non-essential Experimental Populations of the Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf:
    FWS Finalizes Revisions to the 10(j) Special Rule

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