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Poll – who does and does not wear masks – and how to make masks people want to wear

Mask compliance varies by age, geographical region, income level, and perhaps unsurprisingly, political viewpoints, according to a National Geographic and Morning Consult poll.

See also this related article – How to make masks that everyone will want to wear – “National Geographic contacted engineers, physicists, psychologists, and fashion designers to find out the best tips for building better masks….The test produced a few clear winners. While droplets from the average cough traveled around eight feet from an uncovered face, they went only 2.5 inches when produced behind a mask made of two layers of simple cotton quilting fabric. A mask made from a folded handkerchief produced droplets that traveled a bit over a foot. A loose, single-ply cotton bandana didn’t fare as well: While it prevented some fluid release, the cough’s plume still traveled nearly four feet…”

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