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Post office mail delivery times will probably get longer. Here’s what you need to know

Fast Company – “This week, the United States Postmaster General released a dramatic 10-year plan for the Postal Service, which will see the agency make its largest cuts to consumer service in recent history. The plan comes amid difficult times for the Postal Service, which was dealt multiple whammies by the coronavirus pandemic as it tried to balance crippled staff numbers with overwhelming package volumes. It also became embattled in politics during the 2020 presidential election, scuffling with Trump officials over leadership and funding issues as the pandemic exacerbated the agency’s declining financial health. In May, major Republican and Trump donor Louis DeJoy was appointed the new Postmaster General in a move that left Democratic lawmakers feeling skeptical. You might have noticed that the mail has slowed since then. During last year’s holiday gift-giving season, the beleaguered institution was forced to halt deliveries from several less-essential companies in order to handle surging demand, after DeJoy limited overtime pay in an effort to keep costs down.

The 58-page “Delivering for America” plan, unveiled by DeJoy, is the Postal Service’s response to its recent struggles—and it promises to be no less controversial. Major changes for customers include longer delivery times, as the standard for first-class letters and flats could be extended from three days to five days, fewer hours of operation at low-traffic post offices, and higher postage prices…”

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