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Power and Weirdness: How to Use Bing

One Useful Thing – Ethan Mollick: “AI Bing AI is a huge leap over ChatGPT, but you have to learn its quirks. Most people know about Bing AI from the chatbot’s well-reported week of doing weird and threatening things. I think that those stories focused people on the less-useful (though admittedly more scary) parts of the Bing experience. Now, Bing has since been improved considerably, and (good news, everyone!) it no longer wants to split up your marriage. Instead, it is the most powerful AI tool out there, and can far outperform ChatGPT in some areas. But it has some definite quirks to be aware of, so I wanted to offer some tips on how to use it to do some pretty amazing things, while avoiding some of the traps. Your starting model for using Bing should be ChatGPT, as both AIs started with OpenAI’s GPT models. So the rules you have been learning for ChatGPT apply to Bing as well, so, as I discuss in my guide on how to use ChatGPT to improve writing, you need to carefully consider the prompts you are creating, and work interactively with Bing to get the best results. But Bing adds something special – it is connected to the internet. So the first rule of using Bing is…Always ask it to look things up..”

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