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Practice Innovations: The rise of “anywhere operations”

Thomson Reuters: “…Anywhere operations focus on using technology to deliver business services anywhere by employees who can work from anywhere. It wholly embraces remote technologies for digital work and is a digital first/remote first approach that, according to a report from Gartner Research, can make for more efficient operations and improve productivity. In fact, in just three years, 40% of businesses from all industries will have implemented an “anywhere operations” model to ensure a seamless virtual and physical experience for employees and clients, according to the Gartner report. A separate report from Forrester found that 53% of workers working from home because of the pandemic would like to continue with some remote work after a full return to the workplace. The number of remote workers at the end of 2021 will be three times pre-pandemic levels, giving firms the opportunity to continue to build on their 2020 experience to create a new hybrid work environment for post-pandemic operations. If employees can use their office as a business hub while working as efficiently from home (or anywhere) as they did from the office, they will drive anywhere operations to mass adoption…”

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