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Presidential Candidates on Key Health Care Issues: New Side-by-Side Comparison and Video Clips

“Health care has been an important issue in this year’s presidential campaign and the candidates have staked out positions on key health care issues. Both major party candidates have developed comprehensive health care reform proposals addressing health coverage and access, rising health care costs and health care quality. A side-by-side comparison of these proposals has been prepared and is available here.

The side-by-side comparison below focuses on important health care issues not necessarily addressed in the candidates’ health care reform proposals. This interactive tool, prepared by the Kaiser Family Foundation with the assistance of Health Policy Alternatives, Inc., allows users to compare the candidates proposals and positions on a range of health care issues. The comparisons are based on information compiled from the candidates’ Web sites, speeches and campaign debates. When we were unable to find a public statement from a candidate on a particular issue, we indicated this with “campaign has not addressed.” Prior to posting, the campaigns were given the opportunity to review and comment on the content of this side-by-side.

The site now features a new compilation of video clips of the candidates speaking about various aspects of health reform including expanding coverage, employer-sponsored coverage, costs of coverage, the government’s role in health care, the insurance market, preventive care and tax subsidies for health insurance. The clips are drawn from’s extensive webcast library.”

Preformatted PDF Comparison of Both Candidates | Preformatted PDF of Sen. John McCain | Preformatted PDF of Sen. Barack Obama

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