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Principles for Voluntary Efforts to Reduce the Impact of Botnets in Cyberspace

Industry Botnet Group Principles for Voluntary Efforts to Reduce the Impact of Botnets in Cyberspace

  • “The proliferation of botnets and malware in cyberspace threatens to undermine the efficiencies, innovation, and economic growth of the Internet and diminishes the trust and confidence of online users. Every participant has a role in helping to reduce the impact of malicious cyber attacks, such as botnets. As such, an ad hoc group of companies, trade associations, and non-profit organizations has formed the Industry Botnet Group (“IBG”) to share expertise and resources for the common purpose of taking collaborative action to combat botnets. In the short term, the IBG set a goal to develop high-level principles to heighten awareness of the threat of botnets, encourage prevention measures, provide a path to notification when botnets are detected, and increase the availability of remediation and recovery tools to end users.”
  • White House: “The DIB Cybersecurity/Information Assurance (CS/IA) program allows eligible DIB companies and the Government to share cybersecurity information. The Government shares cybersecurity threat and mitigation information with [Defense Industrial Base] DIB companies to incorporate into their security practices, and, in turn, DIB companies report known intrusion events that may compromise DOD information to the Government and participates in damage assessments as needed. In addition, DIB enhanced Cybersecurity Services – a joint DOD-DHS activity and based on lessons learned from the 2011 DIB Pilot – is available as an optional part of the DIB CS/IA program in which the Government will furnish classified information that enables DIB companies or participating commercial service providers to counter additional types of known malicious activity for participating DIB companies.”
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