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Berkeley MIMS Final Project 2021 – “PrivacyBot is a free and open-source way to delete your data from an exhaustive list of data brokers and people search sites. The largest statewide privacy law change in a generation, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect in January 2020. However, exercising these privacy rights is a tricky business even for privacy experts. A survey we conducted within a few privacy-related subreddits showed that tracking down data brokers is “a huge pain in the [neck]”.

We introduce “PrivacyBot”, a simple way to start exercising your privacy rights. Our deliverables include:

  • A fully open-source local-only system that automatically routes data delete requests to data brokers and people search sites
  • User experience research reports about current CCPA processes and feedback
  • Shareable insights and data visualizations about the request process…”

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